Language Access Mural

Reimagining the DC Language Access Act through Public Art

During the summer of 2012, the Office on Latino Affairs, in coordination with the Office on African Affairs and the Office on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, teamed up with MuralsDC to highlight the importance of Language Access through the public art. This multi-agency collaboration resulted in creation of a mural at MacFarland Middle School entitled Language Access for all in DC. The new mural was designed and created by locally renowned mural artist, Juan Pineda, and involved D.C. Summer Youth Employment Program students and OLA interns.

The MuralsDC program, a partnership between the Department of Public Works, the Commission on the Arts and Humanities and non-profit Words, Beats and Life, Inc. has created beautiful community-oriented murals around the District since 2007 both to foster public art and reduce vandalism.

The Language Access for All in DC mural is part of our grassroots efforts to raise public awareness about the D.C. Language Access Act. Powerful concepts such as communication, conversation, language, equality, and identity were integrated into the mural design, as well as the graphic representation of all six languages named in the D.C. Language Access Act.  They are Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Amharic and French, in addition to English.

The mural will stand for years, beatifying the school’s grounds and its Ward 4 neighborhood, and serving as a visual embodiment of D.C.’s linguistic diversity. To learn more about the mural and our other grassroots projects, watch our documentary!