Current Projects

July 2013:

  Art-Advocacy for the D.C. Language Access Act: Vocero Poster Campaign with “I Speak” Cards This summer the Language Access program at the Office on Latino Affairs has been busy enacting a Vocero (spokesperson) poster campaign to spread awareness the D.C. Language Access Act in public spaces of Latino neighborhoods across D.C. Designed and created by OLA Interns, Johanna Cajina Castillo and Vanessa Moyonero, and Volunteer Yordano Lopez, with the engagement of OLA’s Summer Youth Employees, these eye-catching Vocero  posters are each shaped as a giant mouth, filled with removable “I Speak” cards as teeth.  The Voceros are a literal embodiment of communication, symbolizing the need for the words from your mouth to be understood.  Protruding dialogue bubbles from the Vocero mouth encourage residents to rip “I Speak” cards off the posters and utilize them at D.C. government service centers to self-identify their language preference. The Vocero poster campaign evolved as a means of grassroots advocacy for the D.C. Language Access Act.  The Act was established in 2004 to enforce that all D.C. residents have equal access and participation in local government services regardless of English proficiency.   We are posting Voceros on streetlight poles and bulletin boards throughout the city for two weeks to spread the word about limited and non-English proficient residents’ rights under the Act. The Vocero posters are part of our larger social media campaign for #languageisaright.  We are spotlighting the Voceros, amongst other grassroots awareness projects, here on and our Twitter @LangIsARight. We hope the Vocero poster campaign will bring greater awareness of the D.C. Language Access Act to the city’s public consciousness and empower more limited and non-English proficient residents to utilize these services.  In the District of Columbia language is a right, and people need to know about and claim those rights!